We are naturally attracted to ideas and environments that we can relate to – messages that match our lifestyles and personalities. When building a brand, it is essential that its image and personality emulates characteristics that appeal to your core customer base.

Do you wish to project the confidence we see in Nike, or the sophistication communicated by Chanel? Clearly defining your brand’s personality enables you to cultivate an emotional connection that will drive engagement and ultimately revenue. Not sure where to start? Let’s see how it’s done.

Crafting a Brand Personality

The concept of developing an emotional connection with customers is not new. Over the years, researchers have studied this topic extensively to pinpoint which characteristics we find most appealing. One study that stands out is the Dimensions of Brand Personality which was published in 1997 by social psychologist Jennifer L. Aaker.

Aaker examined consumer behavior and formed a theoretical framework that divides brand personalities into five dimensions:

  • Competence – accomplished, influential, intelligent, leadership, reliable, and successful
  • Excitement – carefree, daring, imaginative, spirited, up-to-date, and youthful
  • Ruggedness – athletic, outdoorsy, rough, and tough
  • Sophistication – charming, elegance, luxury, prestige, and upper class
  • Sincerity – cheerful, down-to-earth, family values, honest, innocent, kind, thoughtful, trustworthy, and wholesome

While defining these dimensions is helpful, we are still faced with appropriate application to our own brands. How can our brands embody a single dimension and effectively communicate our individual brand personalities to our target markets?

Data-Driven Decision-Making

When formulating your brand personality, don’t go it alone. While you may have the most complete understanding of your intention for the brand, you will be amazed by the insights that researched-backed data delivers. Spend some time gathering feedback from ideal clients and observe the patterns of competitors and other products and services that also target your audience. Once you have all of the data in-hand, you can confidently activate the personality that best fits your brand. 

Standing Out in the Crowd

One of the greatest challenges that any business faces is to clearly differentiate their offerings from others in the same industry. By projecting a brand personality, you can shape the way your brand is perceived. Consistently communicating the essence of your brand through imagery, color and personality helps you project an attitude that can be recognized as unique.


Where Do We Start?

If you do not have experience developing focus groups, observing competitors’ trends, and defining brand personalities, you can still achieve great success. Like many of the accomplishments of any successful business, it can be extremely helpful to enlist the help of a partner agency. At Bud Branding, we help businesses build successful brands. As a boutique brand management agency, we begin with a thorough needs analysis and work with our clients to develop a plan that will take your business to the next level. To learn more about how Bud Branding can help you, visit us at www.budbranding.net or call 212-491-7318.