Our printing services include sheet-fed, large format, digital, full web and double web printing and distribution centers — which also include complete binding and fulfillment options. We deliver a full end-to-end solution to your commercial needs. 


Digital Printing is the fastest growing sector in the print industry due to its recent technological advances. Digital printing avoids the costs of all the technical steps required to produce press plates. It is most effective for smaller quantity runs and last minute jobs that require quick turnaround times.

Digital Printing allows for on-demand printing, short turnaround time, and even a modification of the text/ image (variable data) used for each impression. The savings in labor and the ever-increasing capability of digital presses mean that digital printing rival’s offset printing’s ability to produce larger print runs of several thousand sheets at a low price.


Traditional sheet-fed printing is synonymous with the highest quality of lithography. Sheet-fed printing can be used for a number of different applications. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures there is no compromise regarding the level of quality for all types of products. This includes small to mid-sized brochure, booklets, catalogs, postcards, packing material, high-quality advertising, calendars, magazines and much more.

Advantages of Sheet-fed printing

  • Flexibility : today, sheet-fed printing offers a higher degree of flexibility than it ever did before.
  • Speed : printing can execute up to 14,000 impressions per hour
  • Specialty Finishes : Our sheet-fed presses have the ability to create just about any finish you can imagine. Some are:
    • Varnish –Gloss, Dull and Matte
    • Aqueous –and Overall Gloss, Matte, Dull and Soft-Touch
    • UV –Spot and Overall Gloss, Matte, Dull, Textured and Glitter
  • Automated process : the automation aspect of sheet-fed printing allows the efficiency of operations to go up, while the cost goes down. Additionally, you can expect the print on each sheet to be identical providing a uniform end result.


Web offset printing is a type of offset printing that continuously feeds a roll of paper through the press. The paper is not precut but is after the printing is complete and then goes to bind or fold. Web offset presses are able to print on one or two sides simultaneously. With these features, web offset printing is perfect for those larger commercial projects.


Why choose our mailing and fulfillment services?

  • Automation: There is no need to hire employees or allocate extra floor space for mailing operations because 3D Studios does all the work for you. Our direct mail and fulfillment services are fully automated, ensuring high quality and quick processing.
  • Speed: Our experienced mailing service team is focused on the speed of delivery, which starts from our facility and ends once it reaches your client’s doorstep.
  • Experience: Our staff members have the experience to execute mail orders that range from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands. You can trust us with any size fulfillment service order.